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  • muddy.glass (at) gmail (dot) com [for everything else, send email here]

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charles li is currently an assistant professor of mathematics at mercy college, starting in the fall semester of 2013.

he was previously an adjunct assistant professor of mathematics at the city college of new york, where he taught a wide range of math courses for eight years, starting in the fall semester of 2005.

charles li earned his ph.d. in mathematics from the cuny graduate center in may 2012 under the supervision of dr. hans schoutens. his dissertation was on valuation theory.

in a previous lifetime, charles li studied electrical engineering at cooper union and received his bachelor of engineering degree in may 2003. afterward, he made the switch to pure mathematics, partly because of his undying love for mathematics, and partly because of his crippling fear of electricity.

you can find more information in his cv, linked above.

when not thinking about mathematics or other such serious matters, charles li tries to avoid the trappings of modern society by living the life of his alter ego, muddy glass.